ARLY, technical markets, ship building

Since 1989 ARLY has participated in the growth of the market for transformed high-tech products in small and medium series.

ARLY studies, designs and develops thermal and acoustic insulation solutions and devises fire protection systems for a very diversified range of activities: industry, construction, service sector, transport equipment, packaging, hydroponics, etc...

ARLY offers approved insulation systems of particular interest for the shipbuilding industry. Our numerous references include prominent customers in a diversity of fields .

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4 rue des Prunelliers - BP 20044
60105 CREIL Cedex

Tél. : +33 (0)3 44 72 11 11
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SAS capital 300 000 Euros
RCS : Senlis B 378 042 592
Code APE : 252 H

The Arly, an alpine torrent

The Arly has its source close to Megève, amid flower-strewn alpine meadows, surrounded by the peaks of Mont-Joly and Mont-d'Arbois. It then descends peacefully to Praz-sur-Arly, before plunging between schist gorges, bordered by the N212 main road and often littered with fallen rock during the snow thaw. The Arly then enters the plain, where, expanded by the waters of the Chaise at the Fontaines d'Ugine, it joins the Isère at Alberville.

The salamander, an animal of legends

The salamander, a small cold-blooded amphibian, is remarkable for its ability to adapt to and withstand both heat and cold. This ability has led to its name being used as the trademark of a slow-burning stove. But above all it has been the source of numerous legends since ancient times. Pliny and Aristotle said it was capable of extinguishing fire and surviving flames. François I, whose motto was "Nutrisco & extinguo" (I stoke and extinguish), and later Louis XIV, both chose it for their emblem and had it engraved on their coats of arms. In addition to its remarkable longevity and capacity to adapt, the salamander also has the unusual ability to regenerate amputated parts of its body. The rare and discreet salamander, a source of myths and mystery, continues to arouse the curiosity of scientists and the imagination of poets. © 2006 - All rights reserved - [ Contact ] - [ Legal notices ] - [ Arly Naval ] - Web agency : MentalWorks