PROFILÉ HPconstruction aluminium Fire protection – Thermo-acoustic insulation \n
Prefabricated insulation system\n

Présentation :
Rock wool profile pre-cut to dimensions of the "Holland Profile" stiffener that it is intended to insulate and protect.
This profile is also pre-cut in 2 thicknesses allowing sliding of layers and positioning of staggered joints, providing minimum stiffener protection of 2 x 30 mm.
Rock wool
Fibreglass mat
Minimum protection thickness of stiffener
2 x 30 mm
160 mm
1200 mm
depending on stiffener
The exposed layer of HP Profile can have various surface coverings:
- alu glass scrim laminate HP/ALU – anti-dust, attractive finish
- fibreglass mat: HP/F – coating substrate (Firecheck type),
- fibreglass cloth: HP/GV (50 mm overlap strip) – mechanical protection and attractive finish.

Field of application :
Fire protection and thermo-acoustic insulation of aluminium deck and bulkhead stiffeners on ships.
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